Yeşil_İz Conferences: Lukasz Krebel

10 November 2022

Yeşil_İz Climate Crisis and European Green Deal Monitoring Center, established under the scope of a TÜBİTAK project called “European Green Deal: Threats and Opportunities for Turkey, Internationally Extensive and Dynamic General Balance Analysis,” continues an event series.

The guests of Yeşil_İz Conferences will be Lukasz Krebel (The New Economics Foundation) on Thursday, November 10 at 16:00. The conference titled “Time to Green the Central Banks and the Financial System” will be followed on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 869 8097 1003

Yeşil_İz Conferences is co-organized by Kadir Has University Yeşil_İz Platform and Sustainable Economics and Finance Association (SEFİA).

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