Situated in the heart of Istanbul, Kadir Has University is a global center of excellence providing students with the knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in the21st century. Throughout the course of their education, our students develop a sense of responsibility and self-confidence, as well as the ability to foresee and shape changes around them, not just follow. We are always on the lookout for rare talent, and encourage our students to become innovative, dynamic individuals who are critically aware of the world around them.

Kadir Has University, apart from being a respected academic institution, also contributes to the vibrancy of Istanbul, supporting the economic, social and cultural development of its environs. The university promotes concerts, exhibitions and sporting events, and students have the opportunity to join a variety of clubs in addition to engaging with social responsibility projects they undertake during the course of their studies. With the life-long education courses on offer, Kadir Has University is an energetic institution of education offering up a wide range of opportunities for students, staff and the residents of Istanbul.


The founder of our university was the late Kadir Has, successful businessman and a prominent philanthropist, who was honored with an Order of Merit by the Republic of Turkey. Kadir Has and his wife Rezan Has, through the Kadir Has Foundation for Education, founded in 1991, have been significant benefactors for the sectors of education and health, and they bequeathed their entire estate to this foundation.

Kadir Has, whose passion in his later life was the establishment and development of the university which bears his name, passed away in 2007 at the age of 86. Kadir Has University is dedicated to carrying on his passion for education and his philanthropic endeavors for the betterment of society.


Kadir Has University is a globally-oriented university, and as such we encourage our students to think and act beyond the local. Throughout the course of their education, our students are motivated to develop their entrepreneurial skills and self-confidence. The faculties boast some of the leading figures in their fields, and with the latest in technological infrastructure combined with an innovative approach to education; thus our students have at their fingertips the means to succeed in their areas of study and ultimately launch successful careers. Located centrally in Istanbul on the shores of the Golden Horn, Kadir Has University is a place where dreams and ambitions can become reality.


Kadir Has University has three campuses, each a unique reflection of the diverse university experiences that we offer.

Cibali Campus

The Tekel Cibali buildings, initially built for use as the state tobacco depot and cigarette factory in 1884, have been restored and outfitted as the central campus of the university with the latest in infrastructure, facilitating cutting-edge research and education. The restoration of these historical buildings was awarded the prestigious Europa Nostra Award in 2004. The total interior area of Kadir Has University’s Cibali campus is over 45,000 square meters, housing classrooms, labs, and the university’s central library, in addition to the faculties, graduate schools and research centers, and the Rectorate. The location of our main campus is remarkable, as it is situated on the shores of the Golden Horn at the heart of the most historical district of the ancient city of Byzantium.

Bahçelievler Campus

The Bahçelievler campus houses the English Preparatory School. Spread over 4,000 meter squares, this campus offers computer-supported education backed by the latest in teaching methods.

Selimpaşa Campus

Housing several Vocational Schools and designated area of the University’s “techno-park” .Selimpaşa campus is located in the Silivri district of Istanbul, around an hour away from town center, by the Marmara Sea. The building space is nearly 20,000 square meters within 110 hectare open space and includes classrooms, conference halls, labs and sports facilities.


The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Kadir Has University comprises five Departments: Political Science and Public Administration; Economics; Business Administration; International Relations; and International Finance. Our objective is to produce highly qualified graduates who will be meeting ever-increasing demands of both the national and competitive world markets for exceptionally skilled staff.

The program leading to the bachelor's degree in Economics combines training in technical economics with opportunities for a broad and balanced undergraduate education. The program aims to give the students a solid grounding in modern economic theory and accompanying skills necessary for independent and critical thinking which will allow them to acquire an understanding of the Turkish and the world economy.

The main objective of the Business Administration program is to develop the skills required to confront the challenges of a changing world. Recognizing that successful managers of the future should be able to cope with the complexities of change and an intensely competitive economic environment, which is best characterized by keen competition, our contemporary business education does not only include teaching the techniques of the profession, but aims at developing a vision, flexibility and adaptability to new situations. The program’s emphasis is on analytical methods and problem solving rather than a description of existing practices. Participative learning is emphasized through case analyses, term projects, simulation and classroom discussions. Computer applications, quantitative analysis and behavioral sciences are integrated into the program to provide for quantitative and qualitative aspects of management.

The International Relations Department provides students with an understanding of the world and analyzes the nature of contemporary global relationships. Through the study of past lessons learned in politics, economics, culture and history, students debate and explore global economies, societies and cultures. The undergraduate program focuses on the central concerns of international relations - diplomacy, foreign policy analysis, international organizations, global development, and international relations theory. It provides an excellent foundation for careers in government agencies, the diplomatic service, international organizations, world trade, and finance and international media.

The Bachelor of International Finance (and Trade) is an innovative program that provides students with the unique combination of business skills, global focus and international experience necessary to meet the demands of modern business. At the program, graduates develop skills necessary to apply logical, critical and creative solutions to problems faced in the global business environment. The focus of the International Finance (and Trade) program is on conceptual and analytical business skills; business strategy and decision-making, and on understanding economic activity as they affect business in the global setting. The courses offered by the department allow students to pursue specialised interests within a global business framework that will prepare them for a wide range of positions in Turkey and overseas. The program also allows students to gain valuable work experience via a work practicum.

Our faculty and alumni are leaders in their respective fields who share their connections at  public, private and nonprofit sectors with the students. Our values reflect the Kadir Has University’s broader commitment to internationalization and putting scholarship into practice for the global public good. Our school trains practical idealists who live their values in their actions while navigating the complex political, cultural and administrative realities of today’s globally interdependent world. The result is a dynamic, intellectually rigorous environment in which prospective leaders immerse themselves in experiential, policy-oriented research and learning.

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration has a skilled and diverse faculty, and our faculty members hold doctoral degrees from prominent institutions in Turkey and abroad. In addition, our instructors are internationally recognized specialists working in a wide variety of fields. With its diverse pool of academics, the department’s curriculum reflects the latest developments in the field of Political Science and Public Administration. The main aim of our department is to help students develop the ability to understand, question, criticize and analyze politics from a multitude of perspectives.

The department was founded on the principle that policy and administration must be understood in relation to each other, and the program seeks to build knowledge, skills, and understanding in both public policy and public administration. The program primarily focuses on the necessary knowledge and skills for public management. As a result of processes of globalization, global governance and local governments have increasingly been gaining importance. In contrast to the past, individuals and civil society now play critical roles in political life, and politics now center on the individual. Today, Political Science and Public Administration is a field which aims at providing maximum satisfaction for citizens. Thus, it must be effective, information-based, rational and of the highest quality. The merits listed above can only be acquired through multidisciplinary education provided by distinguished faculty members with diverse backgrounds.

Our faculty members are well integrated in the international research community and participate in projects carried out by distinguished universities, research centers and think-tanks around the world. The faculty of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration holds to the belief that research activities and practical applications are inherently inseparable. Faculty members have published extensively in their areas of interest, both in distinguished academic journals and daily news outlets, and also hold editorial positions in renowned indexed academic journals in Turkey and abroad. The vibrant research environment in the Department is sustained with a rich curriculum that focuses on building a strong knowledge base. It cooperates closely with the Center for International and European Studies (CIES) and the Middle East and Africa Research Center of Kadir Has University in organizing and participating in international conferences and research projects. The active contribution of both graduate and undergraduate students to these projects and conferences are strongly encouraged by the faculty.

Our dedicated faculty members hold to a philosophy of student-centered education and take a personal interest in the course of education for all students, from the first day they start the program until graduation and even beyond, as students launch their professional careers. Graduates of the department are generally employed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs and other similar government agencies, local governments, international organizations, think-tanks, the private sector and NGOs. The department makes available the requisite resources to meet the challenges of public administration through service and research.

The purpose of the Department of Public Administration is to prepare students for posts in the public and private sectors. This includes positions in government institutions and municipal administrative units, as well as nonprofit organizations such as social service agencies, consulting firms and private institutions which are engaged in public affairs and public policy. By providing students at all academic levels with the opportunity to work with resourceful faculty and practitioners who devote their energy to the intellectual and professional development of their students, the Department of Political Science and Public Administration is proud to provide students with the training they will need to become public leaders in the future.


The Center for International and European Studies (CIES) at Kadir Has University was established in 2004 as the Center for European Union Studies. Since September 2010, CIES has undergone a major transformation by widening its focus in order to pursue applied, policy-oriented research and to promote debate on the most pressing geostrategic issues of the region and acquiring its current name.

Its areas of research and interaction include EU institutions and policies (such as enlargement, neighbourhood policies and CFSP/CSEDP), cross-cutting horizontal issues such as regional cooperation, global governance, and security, inter alia with a geographical focus on the Black Sea Region (including the Caucasus), the Mediterranean, Southeastern Europe, Turkish-Greek relations,  and transatlantic relations.

In order to achieve its aims, the Center promotes activities that are sustainable both in terms of their funding and over the long term. It encourages synergies with relevant departments at Kadir Has University, in particular. It pursues activities which enhance international cooperation by working with likeminded research centers, universities, and individual academics and research and building partnerships in the form of joint research projects, project proposals, and meetings in order to enhance the capacity building, international presence and reputation of the Center. It holds a number of outreach activities that promote the activities and findings of the Center to the wider university community and the general public. It is also in the process to launch a publication series which reflects the result of the various research activities of the Center.


Since September 2010, CIES has held over twenty events (international conferences, invited speakers, briefings to visiting students and faculty from foreign universities, etc.). Some of its partner institutions to date include, inter alia,  the Harvard Black Sea Security Program, the Center for Technology, Security, and Policy (CTSP) at Virginia Tech, the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Hollings Center for International Dialogue, the Razumkov Centre (Kyiv), the Romanian Diplomatic Institute (Bucharest), the Open Ukraine Foundation (Kyiv), The International Relations Council of Turkey, the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures (Alexandria), the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey, and the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey.

Currently, CIES is actively engaged in the activities of its “Understanding the Common Neighbourhood” program including the preparation of the 1rst International Neighbourhood Symposium (INS) to be held in Istanbul between 28 June and 3 July 2011 and the launching of its Neighbourhood Policy Paper series.

The CIES has recently received major grants from the German Marshall Fund of the USA, and the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, among others in support of its activities.

Center for Middle East and Africa (CEFAMS) established in 2006, is the first of its kind in Turkey. It aims to improve existing understanding on the Middle-East and Africa primarily by seeking out information and ideas on the political economy of these regions. The center also aims to develop a broad understanding on the artistic, cultural, and social spheres by establishing academic and cultural exchanges with similar institutions in the two regions.  The center plays an important role by becoming a hub of information and holding a large database of national and international academic work on the Middle-East and Africa. In order to fulfill these aims and inspirations several  activities are organized yearly by the CEFAMS.  Some of the recent activities include panel discussions on The Future of Africa and the Role of Turkey (28.04.2011) and Developments in the Middle-east and Their Impact on Turkey (15.02.2011); seminars on De Colonizing the Mind: Nation, Image - I - Nation Africanity by  Bronwyn Mills-Northern Michigan University (05.05.2011) and African immigrants in Istanbul by  Mahir Saul- University of Illinois (04.04.2011) as well as African Immigrants in Turkey Workshop, The First African Film Festival in Turkey

Founded under the auspices of Kadir Has University in 2009, the Istanbul Studies Center (ISC) provides an interdisciplinary forum for innovative research on socio-economic, political, and cultural processes in world cities, with a focus on Istanbul. The ISC seeks to promote scholarly endeavors in urban studies by organizing local and international symposia, seminars, workshops, summer programs, hosting research fellows, as well as developing and partaking in collaborative research projects.

The main goal of the ISC is to encourage research on Istanbul, a world city in rapid change. We are interested just as much in what makes Istanbul different from other world cities as in what makes it similar to them. We, thus, welcome intellectual input of various kinds that would enable us to better grasp the particularity of Istanbul within a highly complex world city network, whose changing patterns of connectivity deserves renewed attention as a significant object of analysis in the field of urban studies.


As an   International University, Kadir Has University conducts various international programs including Erasmus Lifelong Learning Program since 2004. Our main goal is to give the international students who study at KHU the best possible study abroad experience and broaden their perspective in one of the most cosmopolitan city of Istanbul. Students receive a world class international education.

Erasmus partnerships of KHU branch out to many Higher Education Institutions from various European  Countries in the past years while main cooperation area remains  in the field of Economics and Administrative Sciences and in particular in international relations studies.

Socrates-Erasmus Partnerships with European Universities in the field of Economics and Administrative Sciences(2010-2014)

Partner University Name


Fachhochschule des bfi Wien


Fachhochschule-Studienge Kufstein Tirol


Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt für Wirtschaft und Technik Ges.m.b.H.


Universiteit Hasselt


Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg


Universiteit Gent


University of Aarhus


University of Aalborg


Institut Superieur de Gestion Paris


Institut. Dunkerque


Universite du Droit et de La Sante de Lille


Université de Bourgogne


Cologne Business School CBS




Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin


Warsaw University College of Technology and Business


Universitea Danubius Galati


Hogeschool Zeeland

The Netherlands

Hogeschool Leiden

The Netherlands

Hanzehogeschool Groningen

The Netherlands


Ayça Öztürk

EU Erasmus Office Coordinator


Phone: +90 212 533 65 32- ext 1215



Coventry University – UK

International Relations

Business Administration

International Finance



Sibel Kuseyrioğlu

Head of the International Office


Phone: +90 212 533 65 32- ext 1126

Department of Political Science and Public Administration Staff Members

Prof. Dr. Şule Toktaş

International Migration, Women's Studies, Turkish Politics, Identity and Culture, Political Science

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lerna Yanık

Critical Foreign Policy Analysis, Critical Geopolitics, Turkish Foreign Policy, Culture and Politics, Comparative Nationalism

Assist. Prof. Dr. Çağla Diner

Economic Sociology, Political Economy, Research Methods in Social Sciences, Gender and Modernity